Types of survey


Wildlife Trigger List indicates you need an ecology survey 

Preliminary Visual Assessment for bats and breeding birds (PVA) 

Suitable for small householder developments such as extensions, loft conversions, roof works, permitted developments, and some small barn conversions 

Preliminary Ecological Appraisal (PEA): 

Suitable where land, or land and buildings, will be developed

Ecological Impact Assessments (EcIA)

A more in-depth assessment used if protected species or habitats are present. The report contains results of any protected species surveys, mitigation or any licences required.

Bat surveys

Bat emergence and re-entry surveys using our team of bat surveyors covering Devon, Cornwall and Somerset

For more information on “What to expect from a bat survey” please see the CIEEM website handy guide


Reports produced to BS42020:2013 :Wildlife Checklist included (Devon)

Reptile surveys

Reptile surveys carried out by our experienced team through Devon and Cornwall

Dormouse surveys

Dormouse surveys for development or conservation. Licensed dormouse workers. 

Tree and woodland surveys (bats/dormouse)

Where tree works or development may impact trees used by roosting bats, or dormouse habitat

Botanical surveys 

Management plans for landowners wishing to promote wildlife 

Other surveys on request

Wildlife Surveys: Devon Cornwall and Somerset : Ecology Report: Wildlife Trigger List: Wildlife Checklist: Bat Surveys
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