Our team

Lead Ecologist

Kari Bettoney BSc (Hons) ACIEEM TechCertArb

Kari holds bat and dormouse Class Licences and has worked in the conservation and ecology field for over 10 years. She is a registered consultant with Natural England for Low Impact Bat Mitigation Class Licences (BMCL) and European Protected Species Licences (EPSL) for bats.


email: kari@wildlifesurveying.co.uk

phone: 07762 051481



Samantha Pickering

Samantha holds a Natural England Class 4 bat licence and specialises in bat surveying and ecology..

Tamsin Quinn BSc BA

Tamsin is an experienced bat, bird and reptile surveyor, and assists with newt, crayfish and butterfly surveys.

Emma Weller BSc MSc

Emma holds a Natural England Class 1 dormouse licence, and is experienced at undertaking dormouse, reptile and bat surveys.

Sam Spears FdSc

Sam is an experienced bat and reptile surveyor.

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